#IAMTHEMANY Campaign for Equal Justice
Image: Selection of "I AM..." Poster Generator examples from the #IAMTHEMANY Campaign for Equal Justice

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Inspired by the 1968 civil rights “I AM A MAN” campaign, #IAMTHEMANY comprises of aPoster Generator and Poster Design initiative aimed at asserting the same crucial tenets: universal right to justice, humanity and freedom. Half a century later, the cry for respect and dignity continues to strike a chord in a nation still struggling with inequality and institutionalized bias.

The centerpiece of #IAMTHEMANY takes the form of an online instant Poster Generator that allowed users to upload selfies and self-identify by filling in the blank “I AM…..”. #IAMTHEMANY quickly became a public square for creative expression and authentic emotional storytelling on social media.

The Poster Design initiative follows the tradition of poster art providing us with the unique power to elevate the conversation and inspire change through visceral means. Our jury panel of leading art luminaries and social justice advocates selected a number of designs to be included in a display at the White House.


#IAMTHEMANY is developed as part of ACT/ART’s strategic partnership with the White House and in collaboration with SeeMe and Afropunk.
Head to ACT/ART’s tumblr page to learn more about the selected artists.
Explore the campaign page www.iamthemany.com for background on the initiative.